About Our Pink Thoughts
Our Pink Thoughts is a national outreach initiative that celebrates, inspires and mentors Canadian girls and women through storytelling. 
Our Pink Thoughts [ourpinkthoughts.com] posts story, biographies and histories of by and about inspirational Canadian women.

We believe that writing about our experiences opens doors for those trying to find their way. By sharing these stories we realise we are not alone. Our collective stories give us courage, strength and hope, and remind us that nothing is impossible.

About Our Authors 

Our Pink Thoughts publishes stories from across the country, from every type of author including published professionals, brand new writers and experienced storytellers. Our editors work with each story to ensure an enjoyable and successful author’s experience. Authors are fully credited including links to their websites or social media, and retain all rights of ownership and use of their stories.

Our Mission
Our Pink Thoughts is committed to celebrating the lives of inspirational people; to provide a place for reflection, inspiration and sharing, and creating a place for writing, storytelling and leadership talent to grow. We believe in healthy living on a healthy planet, and in inspiring others to do the same.